Analyzer Shelters features
  Our systems are based on the following major items:
  1. sample take-off probes for installation on process lines
  2. sample pre-conditioning units (temperature and pressure control)
  3. fast-loop systems and pumping facilities, engineered in order to provide correct hold-up time depending
    on analysis cycle time
  4. sample conditioning systems, properly designed in order to provide sample to analyzers at suitable flow,
    temperature , pressure and filtration values
  5. PLC based safety control system
  6. sample recovery system to collect spent samples and pump back to process lines
  7. analyzer shelters fully equipped with:
    - Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning System
    - Power distribution systems
    - Lightning
    - Grounding
    - Safety devices and Gas Monitoring Systems
    - Utilities headers
    - on-line analyzers such as: Gaschromatographs, Flash Point, Freeze Point, Pour Point, Viscosity, Vapour
    pressure, TOC, Moisture, Density, Chemical composition, Physical properties, NIR, FTIR, Sulphur etc.
  ATEC analysis system is based on the following main features:
  1. Shelter structure and covering
    The structure upon which the walls roof and the floorboard are mounted forms a single frame and will be
    sized in order to permit hoisting, transport and positioning, without any damage or permanent
    Walls and roofs are sandwich type with inside/outside panels in painted galvanized steel plate or AISI
    304/316 steel plate. Thermal insulation is guaranteed by 50 mm. fire retardant expanded polyurethan
    sheets (density 40 Kg/mc and thermal conductivity 0,40 Kcal/h mq. °C).
    The roof is properly designed and constructed to support the combined weight of two men without
    causing any permanent deformation. The roof design includes also detachable side overhangs for
    sampling systems protection and lifting eyebolts hooked to the base frame.
    The floor made in chequered steel plate, includes drainage well.
    Shelter are equipped with opening outwards doors (main/emergency) with unbreaking window. All locks,
    handles, hings and pins are based on weather resistant materials.
  2. Painting
    Where applicable, painting is performed according to our procedure:
    - one hand of WASHPRIMER epoxy paint type
    - two hands of FINISHING epoxy paint type.
    Paint characteristics:
    - acid resistant
    - corrosive resistant
    - fungus resistant
    Thickness of the dry paint film 70-80 microns as minimun.
  3. Electrical
    ATEC is structured to supply equipment suitable for installation in explosion hazardous area according to
    CENELEC rules.
    Cables carrying different signals types arel adeguately set apart to ensure integrity and prevent any .
    form of interference. Cable routing is arranged within the analyzer shelter according to the best
    engineering practice.
    Power distribution panels are provided with individual insulation circuit for each item complete with
    automatic circuit breakers and lamps; each electric motors are protected by a thermal cutout.
    J-boxes for alarm, analog and digital signal, serial link each one equipped with terminal strip considering
    adequate spare are installed outside the shelter.
  4. Lighting system
    Internal and external systems are usually based on rapid start fluorescent type lamps using EEx-d lamp
  5. Utilities
    Utilities design is strictly depending on analysis application and plant availability.
    ATEC packages are engineered according to the following guidelines:
    - headers installed outside on the same side of sampling systems;
    - instrument air and water headers equipped with on line filtration unit;
    - each utility take-off will provided with an isolating valve;
    - vent header equipped with flame arrestor
    - steam and condensate headers will be thermal insulated.
  6. Air conditioning and ventilating system

Our application includes the supply of a redundant air conditioning and pressurizing system manufactured

    by ATEC.
    Further technical details on this item are available on dedicated ATEC brochure
  7. Safety devices
    Our standard package includes the supply of a complete alarm control system based on the following
    equipment :
    - Differential pressure switch, to give alarm for low pressurization inside the shelter.
    - Flow switches (one for each ventilation fan)
    - Combustible gas monitors with the ancillary control unit
    - Toxic gas monitor with the ancillary control unit
    - Temperature switch for high temperature inside the shelter
    Contacts coming from the above apparatus are managed by shelter alarm control system based on PLC
    The shelter are equipped with alarm annunciators according to ISA-1 standards both assembled in EExd
    enclosure according to CENELEC, for hazardous area.
    The alarm contacts available to control room are indipendent and insulated, Normally Open (NO) fail safe
    type with alarm condition at the de-energized state.
  8. Sample handling systems
    Sample pre-conditioning, fast loop and sample conditioning/validation units are designed and engineered
    according to Customer specifictaions, process fluid characteristics and hold-up time in order to provide
    significant sample to analyzer.
    Standard liquid calibration/validation facilities include sample drum with nitrogen driven piston, level
    control, double block & bleed stream selection, portable sample collection bottle with quick coupling.
    Components are selected on the basis of high performance and material compatibility (stainless steel AISI
    304, Hastelloy C276, PFA, PTFE).
  9. Sample Recovery System
    Standard sample recovery system includes supporting rack, drum, level switches, local instruments (P1,
    T1), pump ADPE motor driven, valves and local panel with push buttons and selectors for local/remote
    control selection and for pump start/stop.
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