Gas On Line Heaters
  The transport of propane by means of huge refrigerated gas carriers has become the most economical way to transfer this energy from the exporting countries to the utilizing market  
ATEC has developed its own technology to heat propane with sea water and increase its temperature below zero without phase transition and energy losses.  

The system, registered under the trade mark G.O.L.H.®, can provide an optimum gas heating in function of the sea water characteristics.

G.O.L.H.® guarantees the control of propane leakage in recirculated water.


G.O.L.H.® makes use of renovable energy and do not burn gas releasing CO2 in atmosphere
The plant can be financed according EEC rules and Kioto Conference guidelines

  G.O.L.H.® is a safe equipment to be installed on jetties or quays at the ship side, thus avoiding expensive criogenic lines and storage tanks and allowing transfert of LPG at ambient temperature.
  G.O.L.H.® Base Engineering Form allows you to obtain a pre-feasibility study based on your enviromental data (free of charge).
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