1.1 - April 2001

ATEC has delivered on march 15, 2001 a new G.O.L.H. unit to PETROLGAL/BP/BOREALIS in SINES (Portugal)

The unit is rated to heat 1500 cum/h of refrigerated propane from -45 °C to 5 °C making use of sea water

taken from the ocean at 15 °C


Start-Up will take places shortly
  1.2 - April 2001

A second G.O.L.H. unit rated for 750 cum/h of propane is under construction in our Settimo Milanese

The unit has been ordered by COSTIERO GAS, a joint AGIPGAS/PRIMAGAS company and will be shortly

delivered to LIVORNO


Please contact our head hoffice for guided visit to SINES and LIVORNO storages

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