COSTIERO GAS Leghorn (Italy) Submerged pumps extraction procedure
COSTIERO GAS Leghorn (Italy) Caverns propane flow measurement system
COSTIERO GAS Leghorn (Italy) G.O.L.H. propane heating system upgrading
COSTIERO GAS Leghorn (Italy) Cavern welhead inspection & modification
COSTIERO GAS Leghorn (Italy) Traffic lights system modification & upgrading
ENGICO Algeria Piping, handling pumps, power supply distribution
ENICHEM Augusta (Italy) Paraffin cut plant & supervising system interconnecting
ENICHEM Priolo (Italy) n.2 tanks 5.000 m3 & n.2 floating roof tanks 30.000 m3
ERG Petroli Trecate (Italy) Tank conversion to unleaded gasoline
ERG Petroli Leghorn (Italy) Line modification for new pump installation
ERG Petroli Trecate (Italy) Head loss study & pumps dimensioning
ERG Petroli Leghorn (Italy) Road tanker loading convertion to low point couples
ERG Petroli Trecate (Italy) Existing unit upgrading to comply with environmental law
ERG Petroli Leghorn (Italy) Vapour recovery system & emission abatment
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