Multi Buoy Mooring System
Multi Buoy Mooring System

Multi Buoy Mooring System

The MBM system being often the simplest and cheapest solution for the off-shore berth has been used since the ‘60s to provide safe mooring for oil tankers and to load/off-load petroleum products in shallow and sheltered water.

MBM systems are suitable for wide range of vessels from small barges to VLCC.

ATEC has developed a deep know-how on these systems since the first applications performed in the ‘80s and provides both design for the new MBM from the feasibility studies to the FEED and the assessment with the engineering for the maintenance/renewal/revamping of existing facilities.

The design is carried on in accordance to API, BS, DNV, OCIMF using static and full dynamic models.

The specific services provided for these facilities cover the following items:

MBM layout and orientation.

MBM and approaching & maneuvering area.

Under Keel Clearance.

Mooring arrangement for the minimum/maximum tankers.

Mooring plans and static/full dynamic analysis.

Operating limits.

Mooring legs capacity

Anchor holding capacity

Specification for main equipment (buoys, hooks, chains, anchors).

Marine pontoon and installation equipment.

Installation procedures.

Inspection and maintenance programs.

Submarine hose type and length.

Marine Break-away Coupling (Hose Break-away Unit).

P.L.E.M type and configuration.

ATEC is also available to provide Turn-key solutions for off-shore platform/new berths and revamping of existing ones.