Odorizing/Additivation Unit
Odorizing/Additivation Unit

Odorizing/Additivation Unit

Odorizing Unit

Distribution of LPG / LNG to the market from storage facilities can be done if an adequate quantity of odorizer is added according to the prevailing laws and procedures in each Country.

ATEC has developed the major odorizing plants in Italy and worldwide either on skid mounted units or in closed cabinets where atmosphere is strictly controlled and the release of any odorant in the ambient is prevented.

This technology has been developed for those units that need to be installed in vicinity of towns and populated areas

UNI 9463.

UNI 7133.



API Std.


Odorizing fluid storage tank weighing system.

Dosing pumps with electronic flow regulator.

Mass Flow Transmitters.

Flushing fluid storage and recovery tanks.

PLC based Control System for dosing ratio calculation and package management.

Spaying system for unit passivation in case of odorant leakage.

Gas detectors.

Depressurization system for closed cabinet.

Activated carbon filtering system.

Additivation Unit

Equivalent dosing technology is implemented for other applications, i.e. performance or fiscal marker additives injection.

In detail fiscal marking applications are based on MID / OIML compliant instrumentation.