Single Point Mooring System
Single Point Mooring System

Single Point Mooring System

The Single Point Mooring system is worldwide used to provide safe mooring for oil tankers of wide dimension and to load/off-load petroleum products with high flow rate in open sea.

Different solutions are available depending from the technology involved, the water depth, the characteristics of the site and the usage foreseen.

ATEC provide engineering services and assistance to the Client for the selection of the suitable SPM system and the installation of the related facilities.

The design is carried on in accordance to API, BS, DNV, OCIMF using static and full dynamic models.

The specific services provided for these facilities cover the following items:

SPM layout.

SPM and approaching & maneuvering area.

Under Keel Clearance.

Mooring arrangement for the minimum/maximum tankers.

Static/full dynamic analysis.

Operating limits.

Mooring legs or structure capacity.

Anchor holding capacity.

Specification for main equipment (buoys, hooks, chains, anchors).

Marine pontoon and installation equipment.

Installation procedures.

Inspection and maintenance programs.

Submarine/floating hose type and length.

Marine Break-away Coupling (Hose Break-away Unit).

P.L.E.M type and configuration.