The off-shore berths, Multi buoy Mooring system and Single Point Mooring system are connected to the on-shore facilities through sealines and risers or submarine hoses.

The termination of the sealines is the PLEM (Pipe Line End Manifold) where the risers or the submarine hoses are connected to transfer the products from the above water systems.

ATEC provides engineering services and turn-key solutions for the PLEM that can be of different type and configuration to match the project requirements.

The services include:

Piping wall thickness calculation in accordance with ASME 31.3/31.4.

Piping specification based on piping class.

Valves definition and data sheet.

3D design of piping and structure.

Head loss calculation.

Seabed bearing capacity and trenching calculation.

Structural analysis of the steel structure considering fixing points and loads.

Anchoring system design.

Cathodic protection calculation.

Protective coating definition.

Lifting analysis and installation procedures.

F.A.T. procedur.e

One, two, three or more sealines interconnected.

Transferring of different products simultaneously without contamination.

Bi-bidirectional flow

Flushing the sealines with pig from the shore or recirculating products.

Suitability for special inspection of the sealines with intelligent pig.

Self supporting base frame.

Support system for pipes and valves.

Steel roll-bars to protect pipes and valves.

Covering grating to protect the PLEM during installation/operation.

Basement plate with drainage system.

Layout will be optimized to reduce the dimensions and weight of the system.

Manually operated by divers.

Hydraulically operated through subsea hydraulic actuator and hydraulic reservoir/portable hydraulic power pack.

Electro-hydraulically operated in case of availability of power supply.

Pneumatically operated through subsea pneumatic actuator and pneumatic reservoir/portable power pack.

ATEC is also available to provide site survey and inspection of existing facilities and construction site supervision during installation and commissioning.