Terminals and Refineries Off-Site
Terminals and Refineries Off-Site

Terminals and Refineries Off-Site

The engineering services provided by ATEC cover all the aspects related to the products transferring, storing, measuring (quality and quantity) for the Refineries and the depots.

The design is carried out in accordance to the relevant Oil&Gas international standards including API, BS, EN, NFPA and the guidelines of the leading Oil Companies for the liquid and gas hydrocarbons of different characteristics (from cryogenic to ambient and high temperature product)

The services include:

Conceptual design.

Technical-economic feasibility studies (functional verification and operating costs analysis).

Site and environmental studies

Basic and detailed design with plant duty standards, civil works, mechanical equipment, piping, electrical design and instrumentation selection.

Bid documents preparation with costs estimation, duty specs.

Bids evaluation (technical-economical), Purchase Orders issue on the behalf of the Client

Expediting and materials inspections, QA/QC procedures.

Construction management including mounting and construction activities management and supervising, project progress cost control.

Operating manuals and personnel training.

Support to start up and preventive maintenance operations.

ATEC engineering services cover Refinery off-site and depots especially the following items:

Marine terminals (Jetty, Quay, Off-shore platform).

Storage tanks and pumping stations.

Vapor Recovery Units.

Filtering and metering stations.

Pigging facilities.

Water intake, outfall and treatment.

Oil&Gas products handling, blending, additivation.

Analyzer shelters.

Control room.

Truck and Train Loading systems.

Fire-fighting systems.

Safety devices and Emergency Shut Down systems.

Electrical distribution, lightning and automation.