ATEC provides engineering services related to the sealines connecting the Refineries and depots to the off-shore facilities (floating and fixed ones) where the products are loaded and off-loaded.

The design is carried out in accordance to the relevant international and industrial standards for the Oil&Gas like API, BS, DNV, EN, OCIMF and the guidelines of the leading Oil Companies.

The specific services provided for these facilities cover the following items:

Meteomarine data analysis.

Flow assurance study through static models (sealine sizing, head loss).

Mechanical design (piping class and piping specification).

On bottom stability and on bottom roughness.

Transient analysis through hydrodynamic models.

Optimization of sealines type, number, configuration and lay out.

Shore approaches, causeway/embankment and culvert.

Pre and post-trench definition.

Risers design through off-shore Finite Element Model.

Stress analysis and free span calculation.

Spool design.

Seismic assessment.

Cathodic protection.

Human interaction verification.

Painting, insulating and coating.

Geotechnical engineering (through partner).

Preparation of tender documents and assistance during procurement.

Selection of installation procedures and laying methodology (bottom pull, floating, lay barge).

Pigging facilities.

Safety systems.

Testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning.

Operating manuals and procedures.

P.L.E.M type and configuration.

ATEC is also available to site supervision during installation, including subsea activities.