Recovery Plans and Repair

ATEC has developed a deep know-how on recovery plans and marine structure repair providing support to the Clients since ‘80s.

In case of damage the readiness in taking care of the accident with a proper analysis and suitable solutions is the key factor.

ATEC is available to assist the Client in few hours from the call performing site surveys and underwater investigation worldwide with a small forewarning.

The specific services provided in case of damages cover the following items:

Site Survey And Inspection.

Analysis of the damage.

Cost analysis.

Recovery plan definition.

Temporary facilities to re-start safe operations as soon as possible.

Engineering of the repair, from concept to detailed design.

Selection of the equipment and construction methodology.

Assistance for the permitting with the Authorities.

Technical assistance in case of dispute.

ATEC is also available to provide turn-key solutions for jetty repair.