Vapor Condensing System
Vapor Condensing System

Vapor Condensing System®

During tankers discharge, for Liquid Petroleum Gas transferring from ship to shore storage tanks, it is often necessary to provide a condensation unit to condensate LPG vapour into the storage tanks to avoid the pressure (and temperature) increase inside themselves.

The counter pressure increase into the storage tanks typically involves the following problems:

  • significant decrease of the discharging rate;
  • extension of offloading time;
  • safety problems and risks due to the high pressure inside tanks and pipelines;
  • problems during the purging operation of pipelines, after the offloading completion.

In order to solve these problems, ATEC designed and manufactured a dedicated system to guarantee an efficient LPG vapour condensation, which allow to avoid pressure / temperature increase into the storage tanks, for a wide range of discharging rates.

The LPG vapour condensing system designed by ATEC is based on one jet liquid ejector specifically designed, managed by a control system based on PLC logic, which allow the regulation of LPG vapour suction, in function of main process parameters such as pressure and temperature into the storage tanks, vapour suction flow, pressure and temperature after and before the ejector.

The condensation unit developed by ATEC has been designed as a fully equipped skid mounted plant, complete with all components necessary for the correct functioning, regulation and control (both local and remote control are possible).

The system is usually installed in the plant as a bypass on the main LPG pipeline and the layout is always developed specifically for each single application, on the basis of the installation point features, to guarantee the best solution for mounting, working and maintenance activities.